Abbie And Yasmin

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(Fracassini), infarctus (Kampf), diarrhoea tubularis (Good), colica pitui-
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stage of labour, the advancing child dragging on a short cord, or during
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sible guesses. Dr. Sanderson nevertheless thinks them both "sufliciently
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at a distance from the sides and from each other, corresponding to
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the opinion of the Examiners sufficient merit be evinced, the Candidate
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of infection, it was found that a dressed doll which had been nursed by
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by them or by the Association which will tend to reduce to its minimum
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tematic medicine that I have seen, nor does it appear in the Nomencla-
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tures upon Ophthalmology are also given during the Winter Session. —
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and was greatly increased by pressure over the spinous processes. Mic-
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Mr. Southam, Dr. Sibson, Dr. A. P. Stewart, Mr. W. H. Michael,
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distinct, having its own entrance, staircase, laundry, etc., as to be like
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suffering severe pain from a fluctuating tumour in the upper arm, I removed, at
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testes. — Mr. Davy thought that ordinary peritonitis did not follow
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or the Publisher of the BRITISH Medicai. Journal be addressed
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A short time after her recovery, she came into Yorkshire, supposing
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pital or Medical Institution recognised by this University, and of having
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pletion, and will be ready for the admission of patients early in October.
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motions of atoms and molecules with special reference to the atomic
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alike capable of producing the direful effects described. The universal
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should be employed in ,stimulating pharmaceutical education. The
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the proposition, which was carried with acclamation.
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several households. It was farther argued, that other diseases capable
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the body of the uterus. But the uterus is not simply unduly sensitive
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It is probable that most of the diseases of middle life are to be referred
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Lee's Reader in Chemistry (Christ Church) : A. G. V. Harcourt,
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POOLE UNION, Dorset— Medical Officer for St. James's Parish: 17th.
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WICST KENT GENERAL HOSPITAL, Maidstone— House-Surgeon.
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and asking the vestry to take steps for its arrest. Dr. Cook stated that
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regarded as efforts of nature to get rid of irritant matter in the small intestine,
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as long as he could remember— he had known Dr. Acland as foremost
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hours to several days, little or no urine is secreted ; the main stream of
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it is, moreover, our bounden duty and service. To this must be de-
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of J. DuNC.-vN, Esq., of Aberdeen, at St, George's, Hanover Square, on Sept. 15.
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till six months ago. He then began to feel ailing, and noticed that
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Potter, London ; Dr. George Brown, London ; Mr. E. Balshaw, Tring ; Dr.
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sons not Members of the University, and the Durham Examination for Students
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legislation required to give effect to wise words such as those of Lord
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committed. The medical museum at Boston is also most excellent,
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of which is not tested by examination. It is not too much to say that
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by the taxis. This is a method of treatment not mentioned by authors,
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versity of Oxford. Therefore, he was proud to see Dr. Acland there,
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•Matother, Edward Dillnn. M.D., Dublin, to Ellen, youngest daughter of the
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who have had the duty of conducting these negociations have seen
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had no headache. The bowels were confined. She had a feeling of
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to make themselves acquainted w ith modern discoveries as to the causes
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mbced audience. 3rd. Such being the case, we would respectfully
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lithotrite ought only to remain in the bladder for a couple of minutes,