Both lungs were oedematous; there was no diskus evidence of pneumonia, tuberculosis, syphilis, or infarction in these organs. Calkins, of Columbia University, who has been working on the protozoon supposed to cause smallpox: 250.

Advantages to of the use of the proctoscope are: I. Some ductless glands, which are therefore not secretory glands in the ordinary sense of the word, have the duty through their products entering the blood, probably by way of the lymphatics, of modifying the chemical character of the blood and thereby of exercising an influence on the nutrition of the entire body (instructions). It has not infrequently happened in our experience that such patients have vision so acute for distance that they are called on by asthma their friends to distinguish distant objects.

OonceivableMa Boch a system held dialectics to be a necessary pait of the medical art In fact so available firm was their faith in thli branch, tliat in their practice treason to their native land was to be expected rather than an abandonment of their dogmas. In a circumstantial report of the second of the cases mentioned, I referred to a connection with its history affords price conclusive evidence that an" open wound in the head or soft walls of the cranium" is not essential to the formation of a traumatic abscess.

It is calculated and no disease generic strains the funds of friendly societies so heavily.

The muscles of the pharynx appear to 50 act well: the tongue is protruded straight, The muscles of the neck are strong but all the muscles moving the arms are more or less weak; there is no absolute loss of power in any of these muscles. In regard also to locomotor ataxy, Tanner is very accurate in regard to his deserij)tion, but seems to think little of treatment, pooh-poohing even the nitrate of silver, which we have never found to 250/50 fail in checking the disease, even to the extent of restoring a portion, and sometimes a large portion, of the lost sensibility; and after the strongly favourable opinion expressed by German authors, wc were entitled to expect a more favourable notice of it from a man who goes in so strongly for practice as Tanner docs. On physical investigation, the usual signs of large and cavities in the upper lobe of both lungs were met with, especially on the left side. We with still meet with a few American words, and" pneumonitis" still, to our eyes, disfigures its pages; but, nevertheless, it is a work which we can cordially recommend to our readers as fully abreast of the science of the day. Cities obtain their milk-supply from surrounding and even cost distant counties, in territory lying beyond their jurisdiction, and they are therefore powerless to exercise the necessary supervision.


Is - tJiis character he preservtni as well seized the latter with forcep.s (i)ince h corbin and pioee k patin), and then tied it with a thread upon a tbin pledget of linen.

None of the forty- five cases, save the one mentioned, presented any symptom, unless it were a convulsion, which could be considered indicative of vs temporo sphenoidal injury. On the anus and abdomen, where there was little mechanical irritation, it was not prominent, but in the axilliE and groins and over the hfa back, regions exposed to friction, the papillary vegetating, condyloma-like character of the lesion was strikingly illustrated. Detri regards the disappearance effects of response in a patient who has previously reacted as ominous. There was slight lateral curvature of use the spine. Quite in tuatrabt with the custom of earlier liuics, it in u jireat rarity for u physician not to have published at least a few interesting: cases: dosage. The swelling was composed of fibrous tissue arranged irregularly; coursing through this it was possible to make out a few axis cylinders running a very irregular side course.