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We have thus a basis for the well-known refreshing and invigorat-
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their self-preservation must act; surely they will act. To
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foration may, however, be in the rectum, when periproetitis is the result ;
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Such cases are favorable subjects for hydrotherapy, if they can
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by the hands, in the famous cellars of Moet et Chandon, fiper-
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medical mind. This objection has also been abundantly answered by
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it. Roehrig has made numerous experiments of the effect produced
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out of the body, blocks the system and prevents the normal
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rule, rough and badly made, the skins, stems, and seeds being
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that the fundamental element in this so-called ' improvement of the
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mercially in the western part of our country, such as large
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organism, acting centrally on certain brain-centres, or periph-
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Ontario with the Canadian Medical Asswiation. it unfortunat(dy
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The vaunted success of certain methods of treatment may be attributed
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tendency to increasing debility. Milk should constitute the chief article
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the bed, covered up in the wet sheet and blanket, and allowed to
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quately to be explained only upon the ground of the persistence of
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It is repeated at somewhat irregular intervals, and rarely it may recur
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Partridge Berry. — Here we have a very interesting berry
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days to mature. In mild cases it disappears within thirty-six to forty-
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appearance. Resolution, however, terminates the stage of medullary
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The vulnerability of the inflamed intestine to pressure has been tested
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combined. As in other diseases, the judicious application of cold or
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alternated with hot irrigation with the glass-tube irrigator, as suggested
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gone down to natural size. It was well, and at the end of
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at least so far as this affection is concerned (Laws). It may, however,
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because it confirms his own views on the subject, reached indepen-
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tion is not so great at the time of the bath as during the four or five
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braces many excellent clinical articles wliich will be very valuable
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sugar. See how complex are these cases, and what tact and
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settling with especial frequency in the knees, and may be Avholly pain-
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isolation should be maintained until they have fallen ofi". In most cases
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potash, nitrogen, and phosphoric acid formed in it. The lees
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fined himself to hot water and chopped beef without avail. He had section of
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the affected joints should be wrapped in cotton batting or in flannel. If
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equal (juantity of a solution of caustic soda (gr. xv-.^j — 0.972-32.0) ;