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own action, consequent on the arrest of the joint inflammation and
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often drops dead with a gasp. If life continues for twenty or thirty
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the later Greek empire, taking their cue from the word podagra, am-
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lactic acid into their peritoneal cavities. The results of these experi-
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usher in the more alarming manifestations, and are often the sole evidences
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It attempts in this way to show the bearing of many topics not
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swelling is now depressed, but some redness, elevation and hardness,
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potent to irritate the supportive structures to overgrowth; thus, hand in hand,
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Momer more recently arrived at the conclusion that this substance was
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rated mucus. Owing to the insufficiency of the heart muscle the
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the mouth leaves the body unused, peranum. The action of the min-
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previous year. He there states that the largest proportion of cases
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even under the most favorable conditions for fat formation, no ap-
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litic myositis of the biceps, which was chosen as the type of these
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sometimes arousing a whole group of muscles. The spasms are of
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confirmed this discovery. The relation of neither glycogenous nor
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intestinal tract. The indications for treatment are twofold — to
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in the body is obsciu^ and whose chemical composition is still unrecognized,
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and is situated at the right and lower parts of the abdomen. Attached
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thickening of the affected parts rather than discrete nodules, and
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ingestion of uric acid and the nitrogenous compounds out of which
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the diseased areas that was noted in the case of the Malpighian bodies b
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looked in the sanitary inspection of health boards, which are of vital
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to grow in prosperity, and in the interest and useful-
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to experience bleeding from the nose — occasionally at the time of
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seldom have perfectly healthy kidneys. Perhaps the organ becomes
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seams of the clothing, where they may seen. Heating the outside
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given concerning the management of scarlet fever; there is surely no cer-
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it the urine should be gently poured so that frothing is avoided. The urine
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in the rarest instances, to be unfounded. The further fear that the
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deserving of still more even than it is now receiving.
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face often Hushed and the eyes congested. The pulse is rapid in the
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nourishment, the weakened state of the heart, the rapidity with which
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nose and throat are congested and swollen. There is cough and
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Because the arteries were empty after death, they were once sup-
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in the course of the following days an ecchymosis of the skin cover-
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may easily be .avoided by a study of the previous history and by
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