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the title " A Case of Recurrent Macular Syphilide," giv-
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toneal cavity, loosely incapsulated by the agglutination of
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hunger and satiety — anorexia nervosa, or gastric hysteria,
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mediately after each menstrual period. After much suf-
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Microscopically examined, the first ascending branch of
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as a very useful and practical groundwork for future and
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the body of a child nine years of age, who had died from
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by the medical profession, is sending out advertisements
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subjected by the public exhibitions of hypnotism. The
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looked to neurology we would be able to discover, at all
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confused teachings based on the tlieory of electrotonos,
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by elevated temperature which may last from a few hours
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now tempers socially and intellectually, with its offspring,
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pus. Within less than three weeks after the operation,
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than formerly. In April the grasp of the right hand was
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able existence of blood-poisoning, either directly from the
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of the lower bowel, were mapped out into four irregular
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learn so little from their preceptors, so called, that the
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present possessed. The invalid did not merely want water
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whence the name pseudo-kephir has been given to it.
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mally supplied with blood and well distended with air,
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thering the natural progress of the disease, \vith the result
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diuresis, and diaphoresis. As long as digitalis was used,