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Medical College, whose requirements are the most exact-

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3, 1875. Patient had always been near-sighted, and lat-

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walk with R., and asked him if he deemed S. a competent

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expenence of Erb, in some of his own cases the degenera-

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the few deaths from cholera infantum mentioned above

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IVoc/iensc/ir., No. 8.) which ended fatally under re-

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Fi<i. 7. — Case of J. C — . Femoral arterj- and vein. Both vessels were con-

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has devised ; then I prescribed six powders of oxalate of

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took the remaining five powders at one dose (twenty-five

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discussion followed the reading of the case. Mr. Bennett

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scopic examination of the blood revealed no alteration of

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death it was noticed that there was a prominent longitudi-

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ternal recti. With such a prism thus held we examine

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zation is one now so firmly established and so widely

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we have no clew as to what eau de tilleul is. Again, we

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scrutinized. Constipation should be guarded against, as

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usually accompanied by a prompt bestowal of attention.

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an iinaginary basis," ' seems to me altogether too sweeping.

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-The Indiana State Medical Society meets at Indianap-

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as to the probable length of the case and to the way in

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case demands. Dr. J. B. Mattison, of BrookljTi, read

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a pressing desire to urinate ; the emptying of the bladder

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for the relief of tinnitus and vertigo, but he has given it