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Nearly an inch of the rectal mucous membrane was re-

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tations, and atropia — runs a protracted course, but recov-

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be established through an opening at a favorable point in

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thalamus. Dr. Hale White had, in part, verified the lo-

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in treatment by utero-vesical drainage, combined with elevation and

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She continued to emaciate. The fluid in the abdomen

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Lateral Sclerosis, with late Cerebral Symptoms, due to Cyst

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Ordered from Fort Clark. Tex., to Fort Davis, Tex. S.

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higher standard of usefulness than is usually attained. —

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the chest revealed the absence of pulmonary mischief.

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to the tenement-house districts. It would be more diffi-

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tion of the sweat-apparatus coiled upon itself, the tube

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tient has been very short of breatli on exertion, accom-

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cal treatment. Occasionally the leg of a peculiar person

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mittent ; at first quotidian, but later tertian. There was

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to show that Dr. Gibier's researches have not in any way

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hydric jjeroxide, are all present in sweat, as also in certain

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admitted, though we could not say whether it was pro-

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accredited depressant influence of the drug, and to the

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At the post-mortem examination, held four hours after

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At a subsequent meeting of the same society, Dr. Gelle

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The whole tissue is firm and hard looking. The ganglion

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quacy of his resources. In seeking for something more

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Dr. L. Dufestel has recently published a monograph on

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ing cases, and which have been hitherto treated by tjdng