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upon by these higher centres under certain conditions.
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After some general remarks he submitted three sugges-
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May. We might as well claim that cold is a cause of this
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as the result of the irritation of the antiseptic employed,
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more grave form of disease postponed for many years.
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lung-tissue in the Alps, such as Dr. Williams had described ;
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vations, however, do not support the supposition that ilie
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were formed numbers of pustules, which disappeared later,
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and provisions which, upon analysis, are proved to be in-
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saques, and the baby of eleven months took up a toy scarf-
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nine years as a case of fibroid tumor, and on operating
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with swelled testicles two years ago ; the discharge has
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tose state, with every evidence of uraemia. The kidneys
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had never seen the patient, and she probably entertained
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but the post-mortem furnishes no pathological lesions save
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distance only ; others have been recorded like it. Fusion
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of the corpuscles, it seemed to him, was the explanation
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benefit ; returning home, the old stor^-. When this man
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tains the centres for the movements of the lips and tongue,
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There are cases, however, in which small amounts of
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the larger arteries, which is more or less extensive as the
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the opacity did not extend through the entire thickness of
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sults. He considered Dr. Dana's case valuable and one
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Langenbeck's successor. Professor von Bergmann, stepped
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by the fact that, while one kidney undergoes extreme
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the amount received from the sale of which it is estimated