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McGuire, of Richmond, Va. ; Hernia : Its Treatment,
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tion in the evening, which I used to have, was not con-
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history of rheumatism, and then, if the slightest account
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sembling in every respect that covering the rest of the
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the same, and the attempts heretofore made to study its
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was thirty-seven days ; of seven cases treated by thallin
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in the world, and the more they attracted the attention of
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and operate upon the female generative organs, as well as
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cured a suspension of the destructive processes in phthis-
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cal study of this disease on about the same line as Dr.
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tion into one or more joints, arising without appreciable
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other joint. The patient is deprived of the use of her
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course to opiates has, in some cases, seemed to afford re-
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