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January 4th. — Heart beats at the rate of 90 to the
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the cusps of the pulmonary valve was found to be glued
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ner, and his kindly and lovable disposition, endeared him to
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both were found besides extensive changes in the arterial
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and subject to change, and demanded qualifications more
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thirteen years of age. This was a case of long-continued
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altitudes except in the cases in which the laryngeal mischief
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record of a number of cases has been kept by Dr. F. N.
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causes ; namely, feebleness of the heart, dyspnoea, and
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ever symptoms were noted the bag was applied, with a
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divided points of resistance being snipped across, until
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A WELL-NOURISHED female infant, aged seven months, was
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double iritis — first the right and then the left eye being
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technique of nose and throat examinations, not only by
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and seventy-three funerals altogether since 1840. The
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Medical Monthly gives an account of a curious medical
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condition seemed slightly improved, and about 3 jss. of
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to craniotomy or Csesarean section. He did not think
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emphasized the desirability of maintaining a lower tempera-
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traction from anode to cathode, or rice versa, occurred
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than that of the fever. During the past the influence of
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tion, the truth of the pathology- as quoted above. In truth,
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