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and felt a convex instead of a concave surface, which he
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and many of the severer days are sunshiny; the genial
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tinue during the months of July, August, and September ;
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Pyridin, when given internally in daily doses of 6 to 10
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the patient is able to walk two or three miles at a time,
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they resumed the drug upon the first symptoms indicating
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in the hour of death, and considered it to be unfounded.
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nesium boro-citrate, which, however, is well borne in long-
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named " sporadic cretinism " when affecting children ; that
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when in its usual position. After each attack of colicky
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eighteen years, who had been admitted to the New York
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a statement open to doubt. The haemoglobin seems to
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tonitis, and related a case in which he had employed this
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with the treatment, and that he was dissatisfied. He de-
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same direction as that of the disk, myopia is present ; if
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after the cavity has become accustomed to its presence,
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port of cases and deaths from contagious diseases report-
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