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" Consecutive Enucleation of Both Eyes for Recurring
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Mr. Depew is right about the importance of culture of
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its Relationship to Chylocele of the Tunica Vaginalis Tes-
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ease. 2. That the disease affects women much more fre-
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body, as it were, causing intra-peritoneal effusions of blood.
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with my cases and the demonstration of the lesions which
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such a thing as a paralysis or any serious disturbance of
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mounted by these classes during each college session.
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tirely disappeared; cedema of scrotum gone. Pulse, 76,
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moved. Bleeding vessels to the number of two or three
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that when we find a preacher and doctor combined, that
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This patient continued under observation and treatment a
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with perhaps slight provision for its exit, and ne'"'^^^
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rendered it necessary- for students to work as hard in the
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typhoid, and also the mouth and tongue will clear up, the
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in medicine will be delivered by Thomas Clifford Allbutt,
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and associated with extensive retrograde changes in the
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mal. Tn. Fundus normal, V. = |^ — . Left eye normal. I
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generation, and the hepatic arteries and portal veins were
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Mooren has seen double optic neuritis after (how long
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these cardiac neurotics at particular junctures. The pa-
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words, it is a death of apnoea rather than one of asthenia.