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His was the kind of spirit which we should be glad to
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excess or diminution of these figures must hence be re-
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nected with the removal of wounded men from the field by
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biliousness, a term of very indefinite meaning. The es-
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cal attendant, March 16, 1888. His urine was found to
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apting them in position, packing iodized cotton around the
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cases of fever, but an attempt to classify systematically
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required him to use a scroll saw, which, on account of
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of urates in his urine, and he has no endocardial trouble.
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made to plug the nares with styptic cotton. Only tem-
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struct the blood-current. Perhaps veritable white-cell
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mically, was used. After a time tenderness was com-
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temperature in distinguishing between cortical and sub-
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sea-ports that enjoy considerable commercial prosperity,
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accounted for the former persistency of the pains in the right side, and
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training, so its influence becomes more marked as age ad-
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probably affected by a process similar to the one observed
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number of instances, by the notes of the post-mortem
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blood-cells in the blood. He had regarded them as ap-
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seized with an acute swelling in both knees, when fifteen
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The cases hitherto reported by Volkmann and Leser were
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It is clearly the duty of the latter to compound the