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Dr. Benjamin Lee, of Philadelphia, read a paper en-

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up early and late, and to be most diligent in attendance,

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toris, and just before epileptic and migrainous attacks.

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for the treatment of diseases of the kidneys in general,

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secret vice and by syphilis. In treatment we cannot ex-

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substituted for aniline oil, I first stain the bacilli with a

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known for his work as professor of obstetrics. He had

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gaigne ; while Ceci of Cienoa's metallic suture was the

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British Medica' Journal, to a new antipyretic and anti-

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diagnosis, he removed the cyst intact by abdominal sec-

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than ever feel the true value and wisdom of the code, and

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method, but referred to a report by Dr. Samson, of Texas,

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the urine. All the bad symptoms subsided rapidly, and

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the best expectorant and sedative remedies that we pos-

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fluid, largeness of the child, thickness of the abdominal

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(R.) was concerned in the case, he had nothing further to

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faces looked outward. There was also absence of some

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Hospital, the following preamble and resolutions were

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Struggle for Life," Dr. Ray Lankester said ( The Hospital

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Apostoli's method may be greatly modified; for, if the

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discussion followed the reading of the case. Mr. Bennett

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