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' Adversaria Anatoniicu, Adver. iii., Animad. vi., pp. lo et ii. Et
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enlarged, or that a section on dietetics be established.
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I have not been able to refer to the original paper, but
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This is the best volume of the series, containing as it
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ly underrated the generosity and justice of Vermont wom-
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in consultation with Dr. Charles Simmons, the physician
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speak publicly of matters pertaining to the sick-bed of his
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Here there was a case where, in a man of exceptional
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ply of empiricism, a rational basis being first obtained
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electricity may interfere with interstitial nutrition and de-
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of the United States at present is about one to every 580,
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Dr. J. McFadden Gaston, of Atlanta, read a paper on
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and if she would only continue his medicine she would