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peripheral, and situated in the nerve-fibre layer, recovery
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chord) the handle (rounded projection) of which covers
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ological train. The observations of Gull and Sutton,
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cles. Thigh muscles well developed, and act normally.
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condition, and should be welcomed as such. It has been
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played in the large mortality from pneumonia among the
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Still, that disturbed nerve-power produces changes in struct-
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the first place, M. Vignol made a careful investigation of
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many of the younger members of the profession were not
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The left temple has been shown by Benedikt, in one case,
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• Musser: Phil. Med. and Surg. Reporter, 1885, vol. lii.. p. 353.
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will begin to thin, and both teachers and students will be
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overfeeding frequently complicates fevers, even in babes
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twitching of the eye, which disappeared on the removal of
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substance, called tetanin, produces when injected into