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6. Both eyes are affected in five out of the six cases.
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He has a chronic bronchitis, with thick, muco-purulent ex-
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ses of the scalp, such as most surgeons must have seen,
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The distinguished anatomist J. Hippol Cloquet gives a
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heart. As an instance of how even acute destruction of
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allow the vessel to proceed to the dock. Arriving there,
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sciatic nerve was sutured to the connective tissue, which
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in the muscles to the left of the spine ; there was little or
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puncture, and incised wound. (Since these latter heal up
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lows : The physicians make out and exchange lists of pa-
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H. Bennet, of Edinburgh, introduced the method of fur-
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ditis. There was no pyre.xia, nor any history of rheumatic
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the menstrual periods. That this error in diagnosis is not a
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the eye had pained very much after the use of the drops
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effects of which she suffered a severe inflammation of the
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definitely settled. Lord Selborne, a former Lord Chan-
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avodart 0.5 mg side effects itching
Dr. Wood was pleased with the favorable consideration
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The President referred to the heart presented at the
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of the wound was left open, and a drain was passed down