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remedy I offered. As the passage was somewhat rough,
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sciatic nerve was sutured to the connective tissue, which
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alum cotton, absorbent and non-absorbent, in large quan-
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than in the arterial. Most of the speakers, in the discus-
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Treatment should be largely dietetic, the diet-list con-
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ployed common salt in the food used by these patients.
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a small incision the mass could be distinctly felt behind
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form muscle was found extending from the anterior surface
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the pain beginning before distention is reached may con-
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inoffensive, but new experiments are necessary to confirm
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and are the cases liable to any and all of the morbid con-
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following resolution : " The Commission named by the
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involved in 80. Of these, 4 died, 4 were lost sight of, 5
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or papillae rising from the centre of the main umbilical
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Autopsy, eight hours after death : Left lung free from
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ment was resorted to. The operation was very simple,
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that the question might fairly be raised whether the dis-
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denly of septicaemia from absorption and no pathological
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animal is killed. An examination now shows the follow-
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4. The harassing series of reflex pains, rectal and vesical,
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when the pedicle had been cut and returned to the abdo-
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medicines, emplojing capital amounting to $3,512,430,
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Scattered through the viscus were several large whitish
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in every square affected in the case, the greater number of
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with a tendency to lowering the number of beats, was,