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Tobacco Vertigo. — Having investigated sixty-three

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Pharmaceutische Rundschau (No. 3, March, 1888) states

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swelling of the right ankle, in the person of a domesric,

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nounces {Forest and Stream, May loth, et seg.) that he has

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iries. The blood of the great vessels and heart was darker

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An insignificant flow of blood followed the withdrawal of

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duty of the community to provide not only education in

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active service, July 3, 1888, by operation of law. S. O.

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Case III.— Miss G. A , dressmaker, and of exceed-

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ative of the overcrowded condition of the profession,

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has still some advocates, but it is unlikely to become

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tuberculous ulceration of the intestines. — Vereinsblatt fiir

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without, however, the general treatment being interrupted.

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have been brought forward, but there is no excuse which

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follows : Instances of extra-nasal deflection, occupying

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the erect position, became intelligent, lively, and conversa-

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tumor, which is painful to pressure. The patients com-

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is noted. There does not appear to be any causal or pe-

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Johnson, and those of his school, believing it to be one of

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On the day of sailing the doctor must inspect the steer-

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These lectures, delivered in 1883, have been brought down

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be obtained. The formula given is only tentative. Proof