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£2 2b.4 ^ihEee days a week, £3 3s.; every day, £4 4s. Elementary
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Inez E. Wilber, M.D., Clinical Assistant in Ophthalmology.
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tion here only the frequent combination of right hemiplegia and aphasia.
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the individual fibers, but this atrophy, as a rule, is not so extreme as in pe-
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in some muscles (vide supra) may be marked. [We rarely if ever find in
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have been reported from this remedy in severe forms of cerebral syphilis, but
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after normal consciousness has returned to find themselves in entirely strange
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Zoology, Osteology, Articulations, Anatomy, Exercises. Second winter
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University of Dublin, nor is it necessary in itself for keeping terms.
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is the Achilles tendon reflex [ankle jerk]. If we give to the foot of the
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erations are almost always absent, in spite of the presence
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Samuel Holdsworth, M.D. Pisa, West-pfarade, Wahejield,
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the center for the movements of the tongue. This center probably extends
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is not always to be established with certainty. Many of them are true neu-
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before presenting himself for the professional examinations of the
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customarily take their meals at Hutchinson Commons, a short distance across the
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been repeatedly seen, which is not at all remarkable, considering the general
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even the slightest inflammation with the greatest care. We can thus almost
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causes an oblique position of the scapula, so that its inner border runs obliquely
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asymmetry of the symptoms on the two sides. Since a tumor may at first be
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ting worse again. Then some attack at last proves fatal. Arrest and actual
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portion of the container freezes first, pushing the remalnljg liquids S^the venJer). '
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sickness. The depression and restlessness may lead them to wander away, or
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fll'^^'f ""^^^^ ^""^ esch is talklnS about. Basically,
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xegistration fee of £1 6s. to the Besident Medical Officer, Secre-
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vmces ; m Irelomd; m Scotlcmd; in Wales — Medial EdmeaHon for
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.s.-Dera.ures. High te^^peraturss s'.crten tne ch«!' n Qf -r«ce n,-^..^.-- r^^.,.o
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selves) have repeatedly met with patients presenting symptoms of a severe and
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(Bechterew, Xothnagel). In hemiplegics we sometimes see that the lower
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is first to be considered. Local sulphur baths and the internal use of iodid
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smells of phosphorus, and it may be phosphorescent in the dark. After these
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and walking also lose their certainty of action; the gait becomes swaying
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severe neuralgias. We must also bring to mind here the appearance of changes
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disease. Although so manifold, certain symptoms predominate with such