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Our correct position to-day is this. There are certain endocrine
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Pathologists, will meet in Toronto. The Staff of these Departments in Toronto
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The peritoneal membrane possesses a remarkable facility for the removal
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to promote the sale of any article as a drug-, medicine.
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however, be circumscribed, being observed over an area only an inch in
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rounded laminated crystalline masses of leucin. These are generally quite
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they tend to cause haemoptysis, are contra-indicated. Symptoms of
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bougie shows that there is stricture at one or other part of the gullet.
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haemoglobin by immersing for half an hour in weak (20 per cent.) acetic
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in the absence of all vegetables from a dietary which may have to be
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digeft his food, and therefore becomes ill-favoured ;
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ing together of the intestines by reason of shortening of the mesentery.
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aborted or annihilated by early surgical procedure of any kind.
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Epidemic diffusion. — In following the lines of human intercourse
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death. Ague and syphilis are supposed to have some relation to gastric
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but the general nutrition is affected, sometimes profoundly so, as shown
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showing less than 100 cells in the first 12 to 18 hours following signs of
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the breed, allowing all ranks of men entire liberty
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ing as a result of it and after a prolonged period of stationary weight
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opaque yellowish projections, which soon ulcerate. Tubercles deeply
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Etiology and pathology. — This disease of the liver is due to the
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Gall-stones vary so much in their composition, some possessing no