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sentations nude by the deputation. He denied, however,

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The practice had been very strongly condemned in other

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ati ;us were injected subcutaneously night and morning, the

bupropion sr 150mg tablets (12 h) reviews

in St. Olave Southwark, 186 in Limehouse, 187 iu St. Saviour Soulhwark,

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Jena). The work is illustrated by 62 figures and 80 micro-

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time he had no cough or expectoration. At the post-mortein

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usually occur until about three weeks after exposure.

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the exaggerated susceptibility of secluded islanders is not

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Newport Union, vice J. T. Thomas, L.R.C.P.l., L.B.C.S.Edin., resigned.

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papers of November, 189:\ I had a letter from a gentleman

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tissues must depend for tlieir nutrition, or for their mainte-

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case has yet been recorded of peripheral birth palsy of the

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authority to decide whether there shall or shall not be any

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Surgeon Captain G. S. Thomson. -M.B., Bombay Establishment, from the

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phosphatic concretions, as I could easily have done with the

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by Mr. Pringle, which also showed appearances due to causes

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from the seivice will be forwarded through the same channel to the

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Hospital Abuse, and the Wage Limit. — A prolonged discus-

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patient had not had rheumatic fever. Dr. Abraham regarded

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tectomy in the following sentences, and I need not say liow

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two cases of what appear primd facie to be examples of the above.

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throat, perhaps only a faint rash, perhaps only slight desqua-

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Can nothing he done for a state of things which is becom-

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Medical Department, July 1st, ISSI •, and was placed on retired pay. May

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that an electrical current passed through the body vrhen the belt became

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mination of urea is mainly discussed. Only one method of

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obstruction, and partly by the peristaltic action of the intes-

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•ended by relapsing into their old ways. As to the offenders

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h'ee from cough or expectoration. On the right side there was flattening

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The hepatic duet of a dog was tied, and two hours later,

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fascise of the fingers, over the ulna;, on the backs and palms of

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and 3 deaths from diphtlieria occurred in Leith. The death-rate from

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that the tumour was not of a malignant character, and

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spiration. The mcreased depth of the respiration is shown