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in his legs when he began to walk. Later a stiffness de-
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very much the same. Range of fever a little higher.
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The estabMshment of fistulas of this kind enabled him
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here gives relief to both urethra and bladder by putting
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ed upon by Dr! Emmet and other gynecologists ; besides,
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If, however, nasal stenosis helps to produce hernia, and
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which followed hemorrhage, or a febrile process. We
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of the original plant to serve for its identification by a
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he recovered his accustomed health until a year ago, when,
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field, and it is more than probable that (perhaps through
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time before. R. then went into the house, and found S.
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tounded at the tremendous praise which was heaped upon
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The labors progressed slowly but normally through the
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hope that she would get well in time, dismissed her for
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arise, complicating the trouble, and, when they exist, much
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plied. Instead of sending phthisical cases to the crowded
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tudes ; but it is better, if there is continuous hectic and
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cian to whom he should be an aid and consultant. When
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Dr. Ferguson then presented another specimen showing
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said, but I cannot vouch for the truth of the statement,
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long as usual. At this visit the mouth debated to the
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affection of the skin, occurring chiefly on the face and