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ment in Uterine Carcinoma," by Dr. George R. Shepard ;
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applied to them is highest. The average compensation
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' Topinard : Anthropology, pp. 178 to 185 ; trans, by Dr. R. J. H.
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twenty-four hours. The pharmacist was afterward asked
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ferior to that obtained when the hepatic veins were al-
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has found nitroglycerine useful for the relief of ringing in
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risy occurring in one with a tubercular or scrofulous
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now owns its premises on the Strand, in London, where
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vessels, thus preventing enough blood getting into the
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pression of nervous excitabihty, due to the constant use
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sis and Pneumonia in Massachusetts ; Statistical and
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chronic parenchymatous nephritis, while pure hyper-
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In the spinal cord I have found arteries wth walls that
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this system, which he previously upheld, that we cannot
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The bodies are to be placed in gas-retorts and converted
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Chemically this substance enjoys the euphonious designa-
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pneumonia. Same treatment, with modified dose. Less
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emergency. 2. That they should endeavor to secure legal
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it would be premature to assert that all cases of purulent
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heard in the axilla, and posteriorly near the angle of the