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the uvula and right tonsil being covered with very adherent false
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der Kaninchen, Arb. k. Gsndhtsatnte., 1913, xliv, 307-530.
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that "it may be possible to find for these variations some mechanical explanation."
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unsweetened tea and coffee can be taken. Alcohol in any form is harmful,
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Serum 3. — A guinea pig weighing 185 gm. received 1 cc. of serum into the
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Preisz (3), Bock (4), Grabert (5), and Bainbridge (6) have described cultures
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lead to loss of sight. There may be temporary or jDermanent dilatation of
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tached to the external surface in order to have escaped without visible
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instituted; all but one (Case 9) gave positive Wassermann reactions.
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is reached. When permaneut deafness occurs, the vertigo ceases.
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For purposes of mixing, a piece of silver wire is dropped into the tube, a stopper —
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he calls for his boots when he intends to call for bread.
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Dr. Darhach stated that he was called, at 9 o'clock this morning,
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taken as a dose, to be repeated in three-quarters of an
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ataxia there is great resistance in bending the limbs against the will of the
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skin, which is harsh and dry, is generally the seat of furuncles, carbuncles,
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not syphilitic and giving negative Wassermann reactions were used
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April 3. — Eczema got very much better. Then, fourteen days aga, boils*
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' Frank describes a " diabetes decipiens " in which the amount of urine passed is not above the nor-
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circumstances mentioned ; but it will be observed that in several of
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the practice pursued by apothecaries of prescribing for diseases and
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Sometimes tenesmus at other times not. After stool. Relief of
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and two (Karg and Halsted) in which the aneurysm appeared promptly after
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(allergy). On the other hand, absorption of toxins in amounts be-
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ease. The recognized exciting causes are cold, falls, and convalescence
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All the animals in which the respiratory function seemed injured
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upilepsy are, if possible, to remove the cause or render it inoperative ; and
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as a rule, they are round or oblong, but angular forms are frequently
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means have we of ascertaining the diameter of the pelvis, with suf-
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trictions were placed upon all appearing in such gar-
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subcultures, both from the same mouse passage culture of a Pneumo-
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Bordet, 1 in 1913, showed that by adding to normal guinea pig serum a small
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On motion of Dr. Fox, the said report, with the resolutions an-
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finished preparation should not assume a pink tinge
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crease fermentation, and stimulating food accessories or indigestible
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one-eighth of an inch in length, and a line in breadth. There was
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< Ernest Wasner and Obermeier regard hyperplasia of the pineal gland as essentially the same as a glic
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When the paraplegia is sudden and complete, hemorrhage into the softened
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the blood to the form of the globules, and not to its chemical con-
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This wonderful (?) preparation having been analyzed
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surrounds with its pseudopodium the other parasite.
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the rate expressed in function of the total area, and the square root