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cal disturbances and parenchymatous changes of the visceral

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2. That no inflexible rule can be laid down as to surgical

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tion is a reproach to Vermont's medical laws, and we

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In looking over the kindly criticisms alluded to above,

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only of temporary benefit to the patients, the chairman,

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Dr. Newman replied that there was no such tendency,

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" Pathol ogie Exteme," Paris, 1861 ; Ziemssen's " Cy-

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dermia laryngis " in the late Emperor of Germany's case,

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of the thigh-bone down to the foot, with a foot-piece at-

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credit was given, as they not only relieve the pain of the

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to most people, and especially so to women and children,

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No miscarriages. Menstruation was regular up to the

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