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(a) The calibrated tube is filled with N/10 hydrochloric

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Treatment. — This has but little effect. Massage with emollients,

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assuaging the pestilence in London, Westminster ; and with-

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feeble, but not always slow ; the heart's action also is feeble. The circu-

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be found that the mind would prove to have been a ruinous

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trophic, in which the brain is larger than normal. This and the types after-

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in hysteria, namely, reduction in the extent of the fields of vision.

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(b) Animal. — The attacks of gnats, mosquitoes, bed-bugs, lice, and fleas

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are to cleanse and sterilise the skin, to make up by mechanical means

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Bateman. Synopsis of Cutaneous Diseases, according to Dr. Willan, 1813. — 3. Hardy,

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change of name. Dementia, taking the name in a broad sense, does not

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prevent leakage of ethyl ether, petroleum ether, or any other fluid

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affection of the nerve elements. There is usually hypostatic congestion

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nocturna, F. diurna, or F. perstans, seeing that in many places on the

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psoriasis for the first time not long after she had begun to sleep by night

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a book, and got a son, for I forget how many successive years.

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vibrations of small excursion we must suspect organic disease. Of certain

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Insular sclerosis may lead to progressive mental and physical weak-

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Convalescence is sometimes attended with a certain degree of mental

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(2) An indefinite scum is present between the cells, due to

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division of causes is as follows : — Predisposing and exciting ; physical

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and increased electrical irritability of nerves are absent ; the latter,

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Infectious Diseases : 97. Aran. L'union mid. 1855, vol. ix. p. 341 ; Bull, de la soc.

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in the vessels. The elastic fibres of the cutis are well preserved, but in

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seen have been in cases of doubtful diagnosis, and the only possible

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(Damn) is to strap the feet with lead plaster every day for a fortnight ;

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The occupations dealt with in this chapter are for the most part

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to disappear gradually, but it returned when the medicine was resumed.

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desirable, and particularly of those cases where an anaesthetic area on one

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value of any of these procedures is lost if they are not performed