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HomoUe had punctured it, and passed a small seton, but the thread
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industiy of scientific fussiness, would not this very result have been
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Taty and Jacquin (1898) found a diplococcus in the central nerv'ous system which
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within which was fluid detritus containing oidiomycetic forms;
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sive oidiomycosis of the abdominal parietes and viscera with a
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phlogistic, have appeared within the space of the last thirty years,
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is well established, having been pointed out by Bauer,' Hecht,
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pig 3,004 had been infected the first time. The incubation period in the tick in this
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ability of the skin. [Thorough washing with an alcoholic soap is useful.]
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Cow 45 — 200,000. In R. F. quadrant. Fresh. This cow had been injured in the
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naso-pharyngeal secretion of a contact. Lord demonstrated it in
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grates," and in Scotland as " Kinnaird grates," by commanding a
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many black granules. Some of these cells were considerably larger, and of an
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will have to be taken down, but we must not stop for that. The
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of the invaded area. The maps show a singular uniformity Avith
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monia may be supposited in the cold form of rheumatism. Dono-
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constancy held also for the separate quadrants of the udder in
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structural lesions that follow in its wake. Iron appears to have a
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found wide variations in the number of cells from day to day and have frequently
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Recent observations have shown the important role of the
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Indies, Hawaiian Islands, and the Philippine Islands.]
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stages in the development of T. grayi. Minchin and Thomson
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what honeycombed condition. On attempting to strip off the
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collections were present, the routine examination of a number of
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into four factors is, in our opinion, not a fortunate one.
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recommended is that both complement and hemolysin vary to such
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of Dr Baillie — " there being no failure in the soundness of his
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erately severe" eases. Clinically, they present the typical picture of
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causes caramelization of the carbohydrates, rendering the medium
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This valuable work we have been glancing over confirms all the
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conducted under such circumstances are necessarily open to numerous
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bach (Neuhausen near Munich), and Berka on the live.
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appeared to exist between them, convinced himself of the muscular