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and have appended a brief summar)' of the accessible cases

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Resolved, That our Secretary transmit a copy of these

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with a considerable loss of blood. A doctor who was

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character of what we call Bright's disease, especially in the

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of Philadelphia, will deliver the lectures on obstetrics

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To this category probably belongs the so-called aseptic

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ing be faithfully carried out. 8. Relief of symptoms in

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the restlessness again made their appearance, retention of

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away with sutures through the uterine mucous membrane,

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Dr. a. B. Carpenter, of Cleveland, followed with an-

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varying susceptibility to infectious and infective diseases

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only one severe epileptifomi attack since August 21st.

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is now accurately closed by sutures, and union by first in-

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Popow on dogs, and in which post-mortem examination

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are all of this class, which came under my care between

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man after injury, and formed a loose body in the joint.

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ansemia, due to the profuse menstruation, gave her the

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ment is sublimate ever used, and the carbolized water

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gives the name of cholera-red. The author says that its

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On the other hand, it is not imperative that syphilitic

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and other journals to announce that he is professor of dis-

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regard to the condition of the capillaries I have nothing to

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occasionally — that is, internal urethrotomy in ver}' resistant

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capsules were thickened, and there were infarctions, and

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given case must be our guide. As a general rule, however,

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based was known three months before the final pajTnent

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welt produced, but a myoid tumor of brief duration also