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passed by a county medical society — as the Medical Record
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gated to an appendix, in which it has been scarcely possible
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which is stated as being of "subordinate interest.'' The
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cine ad eundem, and he has taken active part in the develop-
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2. Dr. Lediard is in favour of permitting accused persons to
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tainly cure your patient in a number of months, or it may be
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ordinary conditions, upon the addition of a dilute acid, the
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course of the year, and have as yet failed to detect any evi-
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How the deep pocket of the abscess in the direction of the-
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customers of dairymen ouglit— subject to these lists being
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of supreme importance, but I have found that a 10 per cent, carbolic
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return home on a certain day of a patient from hospital has
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transferred from the officiating to the medical oharge of the 2ad Bengal
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a boy he passed among his companions for a coward, not, as
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five times that sum ;" he agrees also that it " will not be an
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which we detect and remove, and if we do make a clearance
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arising except in the steady dimiaution of eruptions, nodes,
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remarkable epidemic described by Dr.SAviLi..' The monograph
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each other, seemed to consist entirely of strong fibrous tissue,
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with the use of the electric bath. The experiments upon
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embraces all those oflieers mentioned-if it be the duty of either to at-
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with his political opinions. It is manifestly in the interests
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desires some readjustment of the duties of his very inade-
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Mr. Godwin's valuable paper. It was probably one of the
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which must always be kept iu view in considering anti-
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up, as I am inclined to think it will be given up, before long.
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inaugural address on Brief Notes on the ilateria Medica of