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visits from 17,762 new patients. The fourth and fifth floors are occupied by clinical

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>two days, £7 7s. ; one day, £4 48. ; Chemistry lectures, junior or senior

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above are offered in Anatomy, Physiology and Histology, Surgery,

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thalmio Diseases ; and in addition to daily Bed-side Instruction in the wards,

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listening, movements of the lips as if replying to voices, actions of defense,

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adults than in children. The extent of the paralysis may vary to a marked

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Tutorial Classes in Chemistry, Zoology and Botany, each 10s. 6d.;

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secondary ascending degeneration in the posterior columns also follows di-

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they may be more dull, pressing, dragging, etc. Besides the special pains,

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process of modifying properly the innervation of the different muscles neces-

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peutic measures, which have probably a psychical suggestive influence, are

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^f.^til«r^ dairy plants. They are various forms of bhlorine; iodine compounds; and

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Dan Campbell, Ph.D., Mr. and Mrs. Frank G. Logan E_esearch Fellow in Bacteriology.

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In one case there is a probable toxic, so-called metasyphilitic degenerative

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the lower lobes of the lungs, causes constant dyspnoea. The explanation of

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the other forms of ocular paralyses, since in them everything depends upon

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Education by the Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain.

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personnel; screen wire sN^uld be no larger than 16 mesh; fly fans across all openings

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larly if they go without breakfast), are very liable to syncope. Some indi-

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1829,30,31,32. L. 1847,48. H. 1850. 28, Dover-sircet. W.

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