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The Influence of the Culinary Art upon Health. By R. C. Mackall,

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tion in the joint, though the whole head seems to be in perfectly

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The Scalpel, for April, comes to us in its original octavo form,

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pectoral muscles, the front of the larynx, or strictly confined to the

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apertures. This is followed by a thorough curettage of the bot-

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tion of nervous force, is no index of the true condition of the vital-

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at no time was carried scarcely beyond the point of health.

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ducing it below its healthy standard, exalting it above, or in some

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but the author recommends a chisel as more expeditious. On

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are really involved. Hence it is my firm conviction that it is

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of the whole psychical nature. It is impossible not to recognize the truth

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patient too long in the anesthetic state, for when once its use is

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relieve the case. The cure cannot be attributed to inflammation

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presence of several sharp, spinous projections or elevations

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results have been realized from the use of Hyd. Potass, and Sarsaparilla

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The patient having been placed on her knees on a couch,

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cous membrane, by the use of delicate hooks to take hold of it,

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fever and cholera, and by the more acute forms of uremia ; the

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the combustion of carbon is continued by the electric current ;

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rarely makes any complaint of pain, but states that

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Recently I have been embarrassed by a physician of this city^

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tion Let him, if ho is not perfect! v satisfied of the nature of the

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thrown from his carriage, by the running away of his horse. On

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the hands of Dr. Brown, the other prefessional friends kindly