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from a slight inflammatory blush to a purplish red ; this change in color is
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tion has been set up, is hot fomentations of antiseptic solutions. As in
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over the epigastrium. This is rapidly followed by an intense burning pain
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tion, it may become absorbed. The peroneus longus and brevis may be
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mis may take place. Serpiginous ulcers in tertiary syphilis are preceded
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This doughy feel results from cedema of the peri -glandular and subcutaneous
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sometimes so closely simulates ^jJithisis in its rational and physical signs,
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description. Sometimes boils apparently come in crops or they may
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violence to the lower part of the abdomen, when the viscus is distended,
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fracture, with the exception that there is moist crepitus. A. history of
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sation as if a fluid were trickling underneath the sternum, and there may
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the excrements of typhoid patients, the first indication in prop/ii/Iaxis \s
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lung-tissue. At anytime during the early stage the physical processes may
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large numbers of putrefactive bacteria develop in the membrane and in the
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T. solium, which formerly Tvas the variety always meant
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bone: (2) injury to the main artery of the limb; (3) defective nerve
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third of the anterior border of the sterno-cleido-mastoid. The incision
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as possible ; the kidneys will also be relieved, and serious lesions of these
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it may become as frequent as 120, or 140. During the first and second
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are found in ulcerative endocarditis of a septic origin, and have given to
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Caustics and cutting instruments are now employed to remove oijsiructions
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' Quite recently Cornil, in examining many specimens, fonnd no change in the hepatic cells.
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Ur^'anic <j;erins are more abundant in the air in the city than in the coun-
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always found in greater or less quantities. It may be necessary to examine
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noea, cyanosis, and vertigo, with the physical signs of fluid accumulation
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is especially marked about the vessels, and shades off gradually into the
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phthisis "). In some cases the disturbance of the general circulation from
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which tliis form of endocarditis is associated with pneumonia suggests the
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venae comites should be separated. The nerve should be distinguished
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curred and fluctuation is distinctly felt, the abscess cavity should be
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memhrane from the blood-current, and induce necrotic changes that may
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and the patient should be placed in a position in which respiration may be
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normal development or destruction of cells from perverted nutrition or
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ance at the very commencement of its development. This type of measles
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asphyxiated. These symptoms vary somewhat with the age and peculiari-
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septiciemia and pvfemia. The bacteria found in the blood are the same as
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surrounding structures. Where it is deep seated, a double curved
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results. In no instance have I caused a fatal narcotism.
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carried outward and often slightly upward. The impulse is diffused and
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Morbid Anatomy. — The effusion, which is almost always serous, takes