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signs ol contraction of the cavity at the right apex; crepitation was
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of Kew, a justice of the peace for Richmond, Surrey.
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Eamsden, Henry K., M.B.Vict , B.Ch., appointed District Medical Officer
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The abdomen was opened by an incision three inches long on the
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Students' Association was held at the Queen's College on
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claim that by means of his method the individual is protected
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than at any time during the last ten or twelve years; indeed it is twenty
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ment for three years. Applications to William Stallard, Secretary-
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the naval hospital, and after seven weeks invalided out of
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PiTCAiRN, G. K., M.B., CM., reappointed Medical Officer of Health for
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work the eruption is described, and some kind of inoculation
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of greater density as the change in it is slow, whereas the ex-
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piece is removed from the middle of the occipital bone with
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That which has saved science is identically the same ; it
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was a general feeling amongst members tliat hospital abuse
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does not state whether the practitioner is a member of a vestry or dis
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cure performed on them ; 13 were cured and Uie other 2
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I at once gave 5 grains of calomel witli 10 grains of powdered