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also appointed professors. Dr. Warren was well qualified

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when the two farther degrees are reached, loss of tissue, more or less

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opposite of those of the doer of private wrong. So far from attempting

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moistening the skin with warm salt and water, apply the rheophore to

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as I often did, " It is only a dream," the reality of the sensation persisted.

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bury, but the physician is well worthy of attention. Amongst

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peculiar calling and more capable of combating the ailments

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power. It commonly happens that we observe mind failure to take different

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elty, and had even allowed the apparatus to be adjusted,

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never suppurates, nor does it form granulations or scars ; yet we have,

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insanity indeed is not unrecognised ; nobody knows when it may be his

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Skin, pp. 373-380. — 4. Payne. . British Journal of Dermatology, 1891, iii. pp. 185, 188.

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be tolerated in the daytime they may still be used at night. Heavy

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of indistinct utterance than misshapen palates. Conditions of speech

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tracts. Essays, farces, novels, epigrams, libels, disserta-

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influenza. The instability depends on general rather than on the special

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of many of the king's liege people." Nor was the ignorance

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secretions in the skin appear to afford suitable pabulum. The organisms

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before courts of justice, and, when they do, we witness the gruesome

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instantly — this is rare; others by prolonged strain; others, again, by

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its advantages as to constitute the act ipso facto an insane one. On what

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of their endowments and the ends for which they employed

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(3) Stage, a perforated shelf on which the object rests.

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it affords them. They begin either at the invitation of others or from

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specific, is useless in obstinate forms of the disease.

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dress. Any such deranged movement is usually allied in character to the

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sweat-duct is involved in the inflammatory process. The follicular papule

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impressionable, and inclined to such minor neuroses as palpitations,

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have been collected by Pemet, in most of which a wound was definitely

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Under such conditions thousands of transfusions have been carried

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of the Skin," Trans. Dermat. Soe. of Great Brit, and Ireland, vol. iii. 1896-97. —

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