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The head compress consists of a linen towel well wrung out of

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Extirpate the pancreas of a dog, and so long as he lives he is a

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by Brand in 1861. The latter is thus demonstrated to be the ideal

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access, and is only briefly discussed in your text-books. It has now

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bed, a bucket of water, and a sponge are all that are needed. In the

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bag with ice- water, and also put into it a piece of ice to keep the water

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per cent, formaldehyde solution, and had best results and

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in the profession, both as teacher and practitioner, and so is

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from alcohol or opium, or any other intoxicant. After some

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antisepsis in its use. If you find you cannot check the prema-

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powerful therapeutic weapon in these cold procedures, which, rightly

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cold treatment of pneumonia with those which have been obtained

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There is one thing to remember in choosing a climate for

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It should be used freely, both per rectum and per orem and in

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if he can, to escape duty. Sometimes there is a general tremblings

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tion, and should be varied according to the stage of the affection. During

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are dressed with wine, with sugar and cream, and with wine

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enter a plea for their close study by the physician as an article

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acerbations become less and less marked, until thev also touch the

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hibit evidences of mental enfeeblement, and even insanity where a pre-

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bers of bacilli discharged into the blood-stream ; but oftener only small

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with milk, one-half pint after each bath. During the time of relative

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baths. Brand has continued them in six cases with good effect, and I

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rather tends to increase blood-pressure when used as an anaes-

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that such mineral baths are exceedingly useful and effective therapeu-

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were oatmeal). Table food, nothing else mentioned, 11;

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condition, or it will sour before the cream rises. The cream

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that the local lesions may become extensive, as the result of fusion of