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part the consequences of mechanical injury caused by the presence of
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ing year. Similar manifestations occur in circumscribed patches
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is not attended by inflammation. Colic causes pain of this kind
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It is not easy to understand how the opinion originated that one of
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over the abdomen and chest. These spots disappear under pressure
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sults of competition, haste to get rich, political and social ambition,
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doses of the tincture every hour or two is beneficiaL
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of pregnancy, during labor, or in the first few days thereafter. If the condi-
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in addition to the proteids. Even in Germany, where for a long
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the means employed by nature for destrojung contagious germs.
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production ; and second, in a large number of those who possess this
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distinguished for a very extensive or lucrative practice,
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of water and sweeten to taste. Currant, cranberry, plum, barberry,
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Cocliin-China, and the larger portion of China, x4.ustralia, and Japan,
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stage, during which the embarrassment of respiration may cause pronoimced
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centers and the numerous nerve fibers by which they are connected.
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removed, no diabetes occurred when the liver also was removed.
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five his life was terminated by an acute attack of the disease with
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3d: Had a good night; slept from ten till three without waking;
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that of 100 cases of biliary lithiasis under his observation, 30 per
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corpuscles and of cylindroids. Undoubtedly in some cases of scarlatinal
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the free evacuation of the bowels. Cream of tartar water is ex-
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small and does not open into the ventricles. In more extensive
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It is often observed how greedy city children are especially for
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the body varying in thickness in different places, conspicuously upon
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common are an attack of some acute disease, as measles, scarlet
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is more like that of remittent and intermittent, than that of the con-
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obese. According to a comj)ilation by Tilt (Krieger), of 282 women
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Headache is a symptom of many other diseases, as malaria, hysteriai
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symptom, as also when the kidney is the seat of malignant growth. Infarc-
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to the onset of the disease, averages about three weeks. Young
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prevent the absorption of products effused on its valvular portion dur-
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other aromatic substances and essential oils. The various liniments
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jured tissues. I have seen this illustrated by the occurrence of ex-
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cussion, owing to the thickening and the sharper demarcation of the
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Hospital, the Sloane Maternity, foundation of, 162 ; location and
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as assistant to the professor of obstetrics from 1861
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lodges the blood vessels. The internal or mucous layer is thick,
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