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her cerebro-spinal system; second, her anatomical, not including
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reasons for believing that prophylactic vaccination will increase
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Dr. Emory — I see an advertisement that he is in New Port, and the house he was in
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and ten vote for one side and ten for the other, then when the other man is voted for,
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tion : "What appliances had you for examination into the diseases of women?" the wit-
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bility of a real scientific practice of medicine. The great advance
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modalities and relief by heat, the choice falls directly upon that
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uents, notably the red corpuscles. It is more than sixty years
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High potency in periodic trigeminal neuralgia, eclampsia and epilepsy.
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we should be sure we have the funds to carry it out.
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staphylococcus and streptococcus and at times against bacillus
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tain cases there was no visible effect at all from inoculation, either
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sequently the attempt at the performance of a high function in the
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with this end in view it is, therefore, most desirabla that there should be a uniform
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physician has sufficient diagnostic acumen to positively assure any
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ternal exciting agent, and others not." And again Bosworth says:
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case of a vote taken by ballot, where a candidate has been promised a certain number of
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meals in the Talbot Building. Their ability to hold all they have
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The patient was not a vigorous girl, yet not an invalid. She
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first week from some apparently unrecognized cause. The vitality
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turning the apparatus upside down, the contents of the bottle is spilled into
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other remembrances of the great man, Samuel Hahnemann. The invitation
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The discovery of antitoxin for the treatment of diphtheria
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6. The following officers were chosen : President, Dr Charles R. Haman ;
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this irritation varies greatly in degree in the different cases seen,
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phase is experienced is ideal, and toward this we should aim. If
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town in which he lives. On the desk of another you are fairly
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it showed an ugly animal — a bat, say, or a toad — nobody would care in the
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The seventy-eighth session of the Massachusetts Surgical and Gynaeco-
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especially when conditions interfere with excision far into sound
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efficacious in the treatment of the insane. But it must not be
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ease has occurred on the last voyage. Even the bedding pro-
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had dribbling urine. On that day without loss of consciousness,
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During the year 1910 the writer used the iodine preparation as
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Born in luxury and pampered by a doting mother, the patient's
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it may be distinguished from ordinary inherited epilepsy by:
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novelty, but each Department of the University was represented. The
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other subjects of importance entering into the every-day life of
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some agent external to the body, and which exhibits its power