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fective, larger and more expensive cables are necessary.

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manufacturers enjoy a monopoly of the name only, and

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tion one pole had been placed over the eyelid, and the

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dyspnoea, but he had no fever. His thighs and legs became

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patient had frequent fainting fits, and was still losing some

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loss of entire right visual field, nasal half of each optic

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"It is an error to attempt to teach, thoroughly and ex-

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might have given rise to aboUrion or diminution of the

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expulsion of mucus from the air-passages is rendered

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and the patient recovered. She did not lose her milk, and

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with this title before the Ophthalmological Section of the

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idiotic or imbecile. I diagnosed hysterical spasm of the

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localized necrosis into which a probe passed at least one-

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tics. They were then dismissed as cured, but, as a rule,

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■ At a meeting of the Society, held on May ^3d.Dr.Bjg|s reported

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