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with the patient. In fact, no one but the nnrse should be allowed

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as possible, or at a well-conducted hospital or sanatorium, is a

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grant that this is an exceedingly irrational procedure when compared

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great good luck, as in those days seldom a ship sighted an-

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tury, and gave to the profession a monumental work in his

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face-lesions show little tendency to repair (Senn).

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contracts the elastic apparatus which is woven around their entire ex-

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of the bath treatment seem to be increasing in number; it is generally

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Laryngitis. — For this condition, counter-irritation should be tried;

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jind less frequently to pneumonia and meningitis. A petechial eruption

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the like. The patient should wear flannels next the skin, so as to protect

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layer that is often limited to the top surface of the folds of the colon.

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brown color, with the formation of sordes. Under these circumstances

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son, and, it follows, so do bacteria. The growth of the

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The serosa is thickened and adherent, and the ulcer may penetrate through

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"active hyperaemia, while after a longer application, such as after cold

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The patient, standing in water at 100°, receives over the spleen, liver,

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vial fluids have great afifinity for salt, and you thus may

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could do but little, as the President supported his local committee.

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The chest compress, described above, is not used by the author for