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Fig. 16 Cells from the central root clusters of the nervus terminalis of a turtle

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somnolent state, from which the patient is readily aroused, the mind is

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characteristic sensation only in the mouth and fauces, and their


branch of the masticator, designated as the N. pterygoideus

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cases is found in the fact that a nimiber of writers, especially

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hand are very intimately coherent with one another ; the thumb

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pact cytoplasm, which in the inner pillar is traversed by a

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Complete closure of the common duct, in addition to jaundice, leads to an

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2 Wooclwarcl, Circular No. 6, Surgeon-Generars Office, Nov. 1865.

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maintained by the use of the warm bath and guarding against vicissitudes

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light pressure. The niunber of papules is generally small, in the majority

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any intellectual effort, sudden muscular exertion, looking upward, a bright

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by Tourdes and Ames. Palpitations are occasionally observed. The

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only peculiarit}^ observed was that the alvine evacuations were uniformly

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the lingual branches of the fifth in the parrot, which manifestly

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" Effect on Epileptic Patients at the Charitc. At the com-

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process already mentioned, which extends to the external limit-

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- — 236 — 2]./or capable of, rr«(/ not only capable of.

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sion of Mayo, who has inferred their function from the ef-

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1902 The cranial nerves of Amblystoma tigrinimi. Jour. Comp.

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segments this outline is represented by an intercellular material

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the name of the disease is merely a symptom. The disease referred to is

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dwell at {ireat and tiresome lenjxth upon malpre.-enta-

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vertebrate, found on the siu^ace of the gangUon cell as well as

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physicians in typhoid and typhus fever as well as in other affections.

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suspected. Laborers continued to work for weeks, and even months,

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One of the instances which Dr. Hope adduces in support

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To accommodate these the volume has been printed in a smaller type, so as to prevent any

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sensory structures,- and they therefore remain organs whose stim-

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mouth. Facts appear to show that for the requisite effect a much smaller

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ceutists. In one tanlsooae octavo volume, with numerous illustrations. {Pn'pa>i)ig)

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of the biliverdin, but of the bilious acid salts. The temperature of the