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on the " Pathogeny of Bright's Disease," of which the follow-

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the causes of neuralgia of the bladder are varicocele, dis-

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gradually disappeared, and the proportion of white to red

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8. Early incision, perfect drainage, and complete anti-

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of St. Petersburg, in his translation of Lanceraux's text-

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therapeutics have not advanced in the same measure as

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how homes should be pleasant and useful, cool in summer

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Slight improvement occurred in the paralysis and the

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the Pittsburg Medical Review, that having been poisoned

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prevalent among them would in itself have been evidence

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roof of a square tent, the window of the apartment form-

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ments upon which that discovery was based, making nu-

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of another welcome as hearty as that which he now ex-

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was Inly temporary and the discharge was soon reduced

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lowance, he turned to Lord Durham, who like himself

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about two and a half hours later, and found the patient

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as in the secondary operation. He gave anesthetics.

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laws as applied to protozoic organisms. We are not able

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had run on several days before I saw him, and was in its

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become half-moon shaped ; the feathery hemorrhages have

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cluded for various causes. Of the remaining eighteen

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gists upon the subject. M. Bellamy in 1842 presented

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dorsum of the penis in December, 1886, which was cau-

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