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The number of patients in these hospitals is about 25,000. If found
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serviceable in ointment (1-8) for sore teats in cows, or as an
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astringent. It may be given to foals and calves suffering
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xVftcr describing the instrument, Grafe says : " I have also used
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single large doses of soluble lead salts, and is characterized
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in dogs by general physical and mental depression and
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medical officer in charge was Brigade Surgeon J. C. McNulty. In
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To luilf tlic dLiniitor of the Ikjuo; tin- cut surface, tlicrcforc, will lie e<|ual to
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cnrrcd in tlio practice of Dr. T. E. Francis, of nrofiTcHnc. Tlic fcDtu»
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was visible. Workmen even in manufactories where tar is used to
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been experienced of the utterance of some powerful voice to correct
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though they play (juite as important a role in this disease as the fe-
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(.03-.12). The glucoside is not a pure principle and there-
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for their collection, over that of Paris, stating that tlio former contains 2(),0()()
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Administration. — The fluid extract is generally given by
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The finger or blunt curette may be utilized for this purpose
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The vomiting was allayed by small doses of calomel and morphine ;
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discomfort and irritation which the gas produces on the
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nimilar symptoms. He was ordered the brandy and quinine mi.x-
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terday, I am happy to say that the enlistment of these men and of this
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and emetine increase secretion and cause hypersemia and
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Fra.nxis Watlasd Campbell, M.D. (McGill College),, London, &c. &c.j
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gold and iron iu the form of powder, as exposing great surface,
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Regiments such of these supplies as may be required for their commands, infor-
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males, 34. — Accident, 1 — apoplexy, 2 — inflammation of the bowels, 1 — congestion of the
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iiave been marked out in ink upon the limb. In the common circu-
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and are eliminated in the urine as salicyluric and salicylic
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with pure boric acid. The internal uses of boric acid are
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in the stomach and bowels resulting from indigestion and
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oil has superseded it in liniments, as a matter of economy.
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water, 33 parts of alcohol, 555 parts of -ether, or 7 parts of
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species of a benign glandular tumor which had undergone cartilagi-
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which the stump generally assumes during the progress of the case,
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" This makes the si.xth or seventh case we have now seen of nearly
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to me, and the opportunity has occurred for directini? the attention
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from Leipsic, Arlt and Gulz from Vienna, and many others whose
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pletely obliterates the somnifacient action of the drug in
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ThHrsdinj, I'th. — I am assii^ned to the chari^e of " Craven Street
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self slightly so, -with a deposit of pus-colored fluid within the ventricles
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precipitated with lime. It is then redissolved in boiling
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As a means of developing the whole nature of man, the author claims