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ness or the astringency caused by tannin, so that it can be
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tendance testifying to the popularity of this venerable
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ing by her husband. She had been seen a week before death by a medical
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was obtained, but sufficient for craniotomy. In replj- to Dr.
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Volunteer Medical Stall Corps, as well as those of the more recently-
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is unable to stand, and does not appear to be very intelligent.
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the normal salary of the chair ; and that when the tees of a
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Annual Meeting of the Tictorian Branch Of the British Medical
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to this disease as compared with women and children. Women
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appeared a desire for air, of which she liad previously com-
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water treatment, for if the water used were witliout traces of
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and healthy colonies, and three years in unhealthy colonies,
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In the fourth lecture a description is given of certain pecu-
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fortune which he shared with an older sister. His descrip-
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is coming near by leaps and bounds, and that there is a very great chance
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meningocele be cured the hydrocephalic condition remains
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to get beneath it, an opening was made into a mass of caseous
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cent, were vaccinated ; and in 1881, 96 per cent. There had
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Dilatation is not satisfactory in these cases as a means of cure,
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termination took place on Wednesday, April 5th, at his resi.-
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iliac spine. Now if it had been behind the caecum I should
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we should like to comment, but space forbids. We have not
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so frequent have been tlie consequent reliefs in the adminis-
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port, sherry, Madeira, ^Marsala, Champagne, and Burgundy l
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Dr. T. O', of Chipping Norton, who was the medical
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upon certain shoulders. In Scotland such persons escape all