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be based upon the relation of the bodies to one another in those proper-
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below it.t Those entirely below the ground belong only to
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special influence on the brain, and are not likely, therefore, as alcohol
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the situation of the part, or other circumstances affecting their conve-
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hand, or even her tender skin supposing she dips her arm in
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animalized constituents also, though the red corpuscles seldom pass.
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it, for fear of the evil consequences just referred to. As a medicine, it is
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iteelf, we know of no properties in quinia which should enable it to cor-
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mation, while he supports the actions of the nervous centres by aleoholioj
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The resemblance in projierties liet ween pipsissewa and ova ursi would
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may get good teachers, but rarely good thinkers, -'^
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actively the blood- ves^^elg of the part, and, largely used, cause high
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is the most nutritious, and an internal or woody part; and
an increased secretion of gastric juice ; and a slight action of
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observalion of M. Duoheone shows, in a striking point of Tiew, the distinotioa of
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hops. Nevertheless, it is said to have acted as an anodyne and soporific;
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dition ; acting as an antiperiodic in reference to the general disease, and
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i>f coursti, the cipiivaient of the alkaloid is stated differently, according
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medicine has ceased. They are readily explicable upon the general doc-
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realia, the poor native throws into his dry and sterile soil a
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Adminidralion. The aromatics may be given in Huhstance, or in the
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tinuance of the cold should be proportioned to the remaining strength,
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in experimental work of this nature. Maxwell, several years ago,
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dtially in a depressed or debilitated condition of the cerebral nervous
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ami' tib^ ^ApfS^ «* tm BMtrnn wn iir#idiiRN; Viwr tt»f liHiTt»s Hii^r
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upon these centres, and extends, through them, independently of its
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irritation of throat wvith coughing, which soon subsides, and is followed
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the cure of paroxysmal diseases, if caused to be in full action at the time
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br want of appetite, nausea, and perfaape Tomiting . These
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in these last it is the more liable to happen from the heat
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is inferior for this puqwse to powdered iron, or the pill of the carbonat
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future strength of the patient. Where the stomach rejects everything,
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of them have on the bowels, we must consider well the
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the lungs ; whilst the lips, the tongue, and the mouth were
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owing to a mechanical action of the envelope, generally indi-
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lag in ulcers of that part, when bandaging is employed in their treatment
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