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case of small animals the entire organs should be forwarded, as sec-

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Preparation of Cultures and Tissues. — For these experiments frag-

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Same, Part 16. Authors : von Linden to Lyutkevich. Pp. 1117-1208. Price 10

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the deep veins below the knee. Frykholm,® in a dis-

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the heart to the left The bleeding appar^itly was controlled. No change

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tendency to be split. They are always upright. Pj ^ very high. There

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each other ; when cats meet, unless there is some material reason for

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Correspondence from other states attests to the fact

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or assistant State veterinarian, or shall upon such inspection, alive or upon foot, be

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only as we determine the actual changes brought about by a ration

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great deal of study by the Pathological Division is the increase in

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meat and to work in close harmony with the Federal inspectors.

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V. Wiesner, Bomer, StrauBgy Bosenau^ Sheppard and Amoss and Gins

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and we will humbly accept them and try to carry out

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low of the American Medical Association; honor mem-

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and later still, in favoiable cases, by Mexion at knee nnd hip. Tn these

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the western boundary of Burke County; thence southerly and easterly along the

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fusate and with whatever enzymes were washed out in that time.

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The pancreas is small, firm and cuts with resistance. On section,

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has been made between the ofllcialB of Chicago and this Department whereby the regula-

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changes in the islands of Langerhans that may aid in the interpreta-

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6 ounces of liquor cresolis compositus (U. S. P.), carbolic acid, or

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spread by engorged vessels, edema and cellular accumulations. In many

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Figure 21 shows simple and economical calf stanchions which have

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Kansas City, and that the hogs were cut into pieces at the time of

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