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cancer situated above the internal sphincter may be almost pain-
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to surround the pelvis by the use of air-tight drawers : and lastly,
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to the widest range of cases, the most easy of performance, least
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secretion more natural. Continue same prescription.
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" i I arrive at this conclusion : the idea and the designation
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<as an alleviant of the pain. In some of these it will procure rest
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ize transversely. The needles should invariably be as small and
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As certainly as the lumbar nerves in the frog convey sensation
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etable food of any kind ; and yet they attain to an extraor-
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first advocated its use in war. It is used to irrigate
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Fearing that the tumor might be malignant, she was advised to
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same size as before, viz., about half an inch in length by one fourth
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grain for a dose, in combination with a little powdered sugar.
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ional man, said there was no hope of his recovery. Under these
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last, a victim of lead palsy, and who was literally immovable, except by
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means adequately supported by the facts they furnish. All
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deviation of the septum, this may be dealt with after
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ignorance, can not be available, however much it may have
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without a fearful expenditure of vital power, and a constant repe-
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cally, — though not so directly announced, when he declares, " The
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common as regurgitation from the stomach, from change of position, com-
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able environment if her own dress be simple and tasteful, and,
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eration of some tendency of the constitution to respond in a
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names might be mentioned, were beings of this order ; but, cer-
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in the earlier periods of life, from tubercular deposite. The characteris-
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the workhouse. In these, all that we ought to expect from this,
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in cases of emergency he should not perform these operations
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exhibited any other law of diffusion than that above indicated. Like a
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Association to each volume of its present and future Annual Tran^
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down much more readily than the feet, this was done, and the
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Made expressly for us, which for power and beauty of finish, are superior to
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These complications are always difficult to remedy, besides being
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a pretty strong layer of muscular fibre round the point of rupture
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ner, the high amount of reparative power enjoyed by the early
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powerfully or efficiently, according to their original and innate
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to be in some degree contagions. It is also asserted by some Pa-
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in Medicine, by Wm. Osier, M. D., F. R. C. P., of Baltimore;
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become more expanded, allowing of a free transmission of blood
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passed on to the foramen ovale, as it was about to do in Galla-
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ter, earned by teaching, without saying much about it. Had youths of
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caudal segment of the spinal cord the pain experienced was far
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That all this is so, is demonstrable. That it is always so, is, per-
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tains every thing necessary to support and nourish man, in
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Professor Le Cceur, of Caen, recommends for the cure of itch,
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Nocturnal Seminal Emissions. — During the last two years much evi-
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4. Inasmuch, then, as no confidence is to be placed in the use of emetics,