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Synonym. — Cascarillae cortex, B.P.; cascarille, Fr.; cas-
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Dr. Hodges; it presented a very interesting pathological condition.
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Mentha piperita Smith), or from Japanese or Chinese oil of
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I should infer, after considerable observation, that injui'ies requiring
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ant of the medical man in active practice — the horse. This opera-
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and tough when damp ; rather brittle when dvj ; fracture
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Ceratum Plumbi Subacetatis. Cerate of Lead Subacetate. (U. S. P.)
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Paralysis of the respiratory centre occurs in the last stago
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Uses. — Creolin is employed mainly outside of the body,
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phovinic acid is then further acted upon by alcohol.
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are treated most successfully with opium, which quiets the