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general effects ; and yet, as regards treatment and convalescence, a thorough under-

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and as soon as this occurs it is cooled by plunging the flask into

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severe attack in the month of October. During the summer he

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which gave the most complete account of it that had hitherto appeared,

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or by incubating the plate anaerobically, assuming that the other

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tion, and is rapidly taking a prominent position among the soci-

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(convalescent) is obtained 10 to 14 days after onset of illness. The

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the pipette into the carbonate solution. Rinse the pipette

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accelerates a fatal issue. Paralysis does not occur.

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as old as any, before either Barnes or Thomas, and while the en-

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vascular system, and he need not be alarmed about the state

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the plates for predominating types of colonies and make gram-

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(6) Separate sets of tubes and stoppers must be employed

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rashes are frequent at this period. Prostration is also a well-marked

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sary to require the purification and disinfection of the wearing

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Dr. A. P. Williamson, chairman of the Bureau of Mental and

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nitrogen determination, 1 ml of the filtrate representing 0.1 ml of

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10 to 20 calories per kilogram body weight, the urine has become

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If so, they were both greatly mistaken. As soon should we ex-

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fully noted by me for future use ; but the corrections proposed

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is said to be almost invariably present. Without attempting to

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refined body, — will look over the pages of all the " regular " peri-

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(c) Push the plug down to within less than 1 cm from the

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pneumonic fever. The rusty sputa of the latter are usually wanting, the

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Not all physicians, young or old, are tortured by this process

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tion of his paper, and commences by stating that the question of

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