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chlorosis, hsemophilia, and all forms of general weakness arising from a
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the seventh week. It may entirely clear up, or the limb may remain weak
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Siven one, two, or three drachms, for bilious fever, three or four tioies
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frequently is first noticed about puberty. Goitre is hereditary in some
luvox for pure ocd
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ascertained by M. Louis is so valuable : are there signs or symptoms of
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be referred to either. Yet a distinction should be kept up, and the dis-
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cartilage or bone. These are derived from detached portions of the nodules
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one side than the other, or it may in rare cases be unilateral. In about
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lung, and if air gain access to it will simulate an empyema complicated
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16 ; while, if the pulse is naturally more or less than 70, there is a
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cation. When I arrived the tumor liad not entirely subsided, but m
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structure of a lymph gland. This is known as lymphosarcoma, and arises
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marked the presence of ulceration or congestion of the small intestine in
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one-eighth of a second. The range of movement is small but variable.
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7. The temperature may be intermittent throughout the disease.
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Eegistrar- General as occurring in London during the ten years 1891 to